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Most of ECC Jewelry items have a pressed flower component.  These pieces are 100% handmade.  The dried flowers are placed in assorted size and shaped bezels and/or molds then layered between high-quality resin.  The flowered resin pieces are individually designed and assembled one at a time.


Approximate pricing:


Earrings                $ 15 - $40

Necklaces               $ 15 - $40

Bracelets               $ 12 - $30

Rings                    $ 15 - $35


EGG CARTON CRAFTS generally uses Stainless Steel jewelry components. 

Ear wires, posts, chains, etc. that are stainless steel base will appear silver some also have a gold or bronze coating (the base is stainless steel).  Stainless Steel is the most cost effective for ECC products. 


At times ECC will use Titanium (dull silver and thicker than stainless steel), Niobium, Gold Filled and/or 925 Sterling Silver.  Sterling Silver is subject to tarnishing (which can be easily cleaned). 


Ear Wires using Sterling Silver and Gold Filled are always available and can be modified individually for an additional cost.


Some of my favorite flowers for jewelry are  include Daisies, Pansies, Queen Annes Lace, Baby’s Breath, White Finch, Alyssum, Forget-Me-Notes and Hydrangea.  While some tiny flowers can be used whole I love using pieces of the larger flowers for their dramatic colors.  And herbs – all the herbs!

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