Meet the Owner



I am Sharon, owner, and creator of Egg Carton Crafts or ECC.


Growing up in West Michigan farmland did not necessarily give me a green thumb but it did give me good roots.  ‘Back in the day’ those that canned their own food, knitted their own socks, sewed their own clothes, made lye soap, knitted, crocheted, embroidered, tatted… those were the original makers.  ECC is derived from memories of collecting eggs, washing them carefully and placing them in egg cartons with my grandma.  My grandma, my aunts, my mom… those were my faith-filled mentors.

In Spring of 2021 my goal to be fully retired from the professional retirement plan field was met!   In spring and summer, I pretend to garden and hang out in my She Shed.  I love spending time with my two daughters, four grandchildren, a husband that gets me out in his 67 Camaro to un-stress and unwind and then there are the three mini doxies that are my sidekicks   ~ Matilda, Dakota, and Jaxon ~

My own experience of creating began in my teens when I embroidered over the rips on my blue jeans (I’ve always loved a good pair of jeans) and include an up-cycled product in my items whenever possible.  Although my items have changed throughout the years my passion for creating has not – I love every step – I am thankful for blessed inspiration and excited to share this creative journey!   

While walking my dogs in the spring, the gorgeous and vibrant colors of blossoming greenery inspired me to preserve these pieces of nature as a memory that can be worn in a range of handcrafted jewelry as well as displayed and utilized in assorted shapes and sizes of trays.


Made with local florals and greenery from my own garden as well as surrounding West Michigan flower farms; each flower, leaf, and bud are carefully dried and pressed then placed in vessels with epoxy resin to preserve their natural God-given beauty.


My combined passion for flower gardening and creating truly brings joy to my heart when making each unique piece.